The Socially and Environmentally Conscious Facemask--the New Fashion Essential

September 8, 2020 GMT
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The fashion industry has been responsible for more carbon emissions than international shipping and flights combined and labor practices can be questionable.

Meet Stephanie Wagner, an entrepreneur who is changing all that—beginning with what has become a ‘new fashion essential,’ the facemask. Her company, ForTheFeel, is making great strides in personal and shared safety.

What many don’t know is that disposable surgical masks are jammed packed with toxic chemicals that studies have shown to be harmful to our environment AND human health. Masks can have ingredients such as:

● Petroleum

● Formaldehyde

● Azo Dyes

● Heavy Metals

● Plastic

● Ammonium Compounds

● Urea Resins

● Formaldehyde

● Phenols

● Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

● Organo-silver

….. and more

These chemicals are sitting square over one’s nose and mouth—being breathed in. Unlike the nutrition facts on the back of our favorite foods, clothing and face masks don’t come with a conveniently itemized list of ingredients. Add to that that disposable masks can take up to 450 years to break down in the environment, and is affecting wildlife when they get caught in the ear loops. Synthetic particles don’t biodegrade. So when clothes are dumped into a landfill, toxic synthetic fibers pollute water sources and soil. Plus, ⅔ of all clothing sold in the U.S. is made from Fossil Fuels.

The solution: ForTheFeel. Masks that FEEL good to both people and our planet. Their plant-based masks are made with 100% ORGANIC DYES--SAFE for all and are super soft and breathable. The masks are breathable and make it much easier to wear in comfort and without causing ‘maskne.’ The materials decompose in less than a year if discarded, and they are CDC approved and worn by doctors in one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems.

ForTheFeel masks are made in America. All workers who are involved in the production (cutting, sewing, and dying) of ForTheFeel masks are paid 37% above the living wage, never handle toxic chemicals, and are treated with the utmost respect (especially during times of COVID).

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