Havasu Police point to dad as shooting suspect

September 19, 2018 GMT

Lake Havasu City police have identified Tobin Daniel Gottier as a suspect in the deaths of his wife, Jamie Reese Gottier, and their daughter, 14-year-old Hannah Gottier.

The Lake Havasu City Police Department believe Tobin Gottier, 42, shot his wife Jamie, 49, and daughter Hannah, 14, from inside a home located in the 600 block of Beachcomber Boulevard as they arrived at the home around 3:30 p.m. on Monday. Tobin then left the house, got into a truck parked under the home’s carport and shot himself, a press release states.

“This is a horrific incident that has taken two innocent lives and has impacted our entire community,” said Lake Havasu City Police Chief Dan Doyle in an email. “Hannah and her mother, Jamie, had many close friends in our community who are grieving and trying to understand why this happened. We do not yet know why this occurred nor what was in the mind of Tobin Gottier. We will be searching for those answers as part of our investigation.”

Doyle said that prior to Monday the police department didn’t have any contacts with the family, nor did Tobin have any past criminal history reported.

“Our School District has been providing counseling to those students and staff who are in need and I would encourage any community member who is struggling with this situation to seek assistance.”

Hannah Gottier was a freshman at Lake Havasu High School. On Tuesday morning, students held a memorial at the campus, many wearing teal and blue colors because it was said to be her favorite. They also placed flowers, balloons and stuffed animals around a Knight sculpture and wrote her name in flowers.

“They were a tight-knit family,” Christina Musselman said in a Facebook message. Musselman said she knew Hannah Gottier through Girl Scouts and cheerleading programs. “The parents both were over the moon for their daughter. She was their world. Everything they did centered around Hannah and her interests and activities.”

Musselman said she’s organizing a candlelight vigil today at 7 p.m. at London Bridge Beach.

“Hannah was amazing,” she said. “She was very scholarly in school. She excelled in all areas. She was a huge fan of the arts — drawing, dance. She did pageants for many years.”

The Lake Havasu Unified School District sent a district-wide email Tuesday morning acknowledging a student’s death. The message didn’t identify Hannah by name, but said she had been “a student in our district since the fifth grade and was a ninth grader at LHHS this year.”

The district recommended that students who were “extremely distraught” talk with an administrator about visiting with a counselor.

Superintendent Diana Asseier did not immediately respond to inquiries from the News-Herald Tuesday about the incident.

Tobin is identified on LinkedIn.com as the owner of a local pool cleaning business. Havasu resident Brieanna Moore – who used to babysit Hannah and was her youth group leader – described Tobin as “standoff-ish” and said “he just wasn’t a very kind man.”

“Her (Hannah’s) relationship with her dad was very good sometimes and then very bad sometimes,” Moore said, adding that she does not know what transpired during Monday’s shooting incident. “I know that there was like substance abuse a long time ago, whenever Hannah was really young, and I know he had like some mental things going on with him, as well, and I know he was like on medications for them.”

Moore said Jamie Gottier was like her second mom. “Jamie, you were a kind, gentle soul. You were such a phenomenal mom and someone I loved to get to know,” she wrote on Facebook. “I loved painting rocks with you guys on your front porch. Then hiding the rocks at night. Jamie, you became like a second mom to me. You were there for me when I was anxious or nervous. You were there to cheer me on when life was a little hard.”

According to Artie Collin, general manager of Bj’s Cabana Bar, Jamie Gottier worked as a cook at the bar for about a year but left around March to work at the BlueWater Resort and Casino in Parker as a bartender.

“They were really sweet people … they came to my house and wrapped all my Christmas presents and I mean they were really, the daughter and the mother, were really, really nice people,” he said. “She (Jamie Gottier) just had a heart of gold and her and her daughter would help in any way that they can … It’s a shame, we’re all devastated here.”

He added that he saw Tobin once.

“I don’t know what’s going through a guy’s mind that makes him do something like this,” said Collin.

A GoFundMe account has been set up by Sonia Harris for the Gottier family. Harris did not immediately respond to the News-Herald’s inquiry about the account.

“Mr. Jack Reese and Jennifer Reese have called to verify funding and thanks you all for donations as they are busy making arrangements. He would like the page to remain open and will collect donations in person when they arrive,” she wrote on the account.