Moron of the Morning: Car Thief Tells Cops He’s Matthew McConaughey

February 24, 2018 GMT

Pennsylvania State Police allege that a man claiming to be Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey tried to steal a car over the weekend.

According to the Herald Standard, a homeowner in Georges Township reported seeing the MockConaughey walking around his residence early Saturday morning after ringing his doorbell. Far from losing the guy in 10 days, state troopers arrived to find the suspect inside the homeowner’s car.

As authorities were taking the man into custody, they said he continued to insist he was the 48-year-old star of both “Surfer, Dude” and “The Dark Tower,” while refusing to provide any sort of ID.

However, law enforcement would later identify the “Dallas Buyers Club” doppelganger as 46-year-old Troy Miller. Along with attempted theft of a motor vehicle, he faces charges of false identification to law enforcement authorities, loitering and prowling at night.

-New York Daily News