Letters to the editor, May 11, 2017

May 11, 2017 GMT

Thanks, Rae Sikora (“Circus cruelty,” Letters to the Editor, May 4), for your efforts to end the cruelty of animal circuses. These barbaric shows for “human entertainment” should have been banned from Santa Fe years ago.

While the city of Santa Fe continues to condone the mistreatment and suffering of wild animals in circuses, at least 17 countries around the world and several cities in the U.S. have taken progressive steps to ban these antiquated, cruel, animal road shows. Santa Fe may have the image of being progressive, but as long as it ignores wild animal suffering, it is not. If the city wants be be progressive, it needs to ban exotic animals circuses, and at least protect its remaining native prairie dog populations.

Rosemary Lowe

Santa Fe

Investigating new paths

Now that the soda tax war is over, consider that a pre-K program should be open to all children, not only children from low-income children families. (“Soda tax fizzles,” May 3). Next, consider that multiple existing funding sources should be used instead of a single new tax. Use a portion of the paper bag fee, lodgers tax, parking fees, gross receipts tax or perhaps a portion of the water fund surplus? State laws don’t allow this creative use of funds? Then change the ordinances and ask the Legislature and governor for relief by changing restrictions. Does the city have a grant writer? Apply to national foundations for grants. Multiple funding sources are more likely to provide stable funding than a single source. Maybe this isn’t the exact solution, but it may be a path to investigate.

Dennis Martinez

Santa Fe

Not nice or progressive

The soda tax never sat well with me, although I wasn’t sure exactly why, since, when viewed from certain angles, it appeared smart. It was probably wrong for a number of reasons. One, assuming people who drink this harmful, fattening, addicting, diabetes-causing, nutrition-free garbage are misinformed, then the soda tax was actually a stupidity tax, a tax on the ignorant, misguided and hapless. That doesn’t sound progressive or humanitarian, does it?

Steven Salemi

Santa Fe

See Citizen Jane

Aghast and terrified by the agenda of Donald Trump? If so, I urge you to see Citizen Jane: Battle for the City at the Center for Contemporary Arts. The film recounts how Jane Jacobs, a housewife and mother, worked brilliantly to organize successful opposition to thwart the massive “urban renewal” plans of proto-Trump super-bully Robert Moses. Like Donald Trump, Moses, with the aid of rich, white pals, ruthlessly and mercilessly imposed his will on seemingly powerless citizens. Moses’ plan to deal with “the cancer of slums” by forcing the poor of New York into Jerry-built soulless high rises proved a disaster both for the city and the nation. Trump’s domestic and foreign agendas will prove even more disastrous. We must be active and determined like Jacobs and fight back against Trump’s sociopathic drive to further empower himself and others of the mega-rich while destroying our lives, democracy and the Earth itself.

Joan Blythe

Santa Fe

Trips cost taxpayers

Donald Trump is putting taxpayer dollars directly in his pocket by visiting his properties so frequently. The Secret Service has spent tens of thousands of dollars on golf cart rentals alone at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. While Trump spends our tax dollars at Mar-a-Lago, he’s also hosting high-profile meetings with foreign heads-of-state there, like the prime minister of Japan. Talk about a photo op for his own property (“Secret Service sought $60M extra for Trump travel and protection,” March 23).

After Election Day, Mar-a-Lago doubled its membership fees to $200,000. That’s a lot of money in Trump’s pocket. Nobody should be allowed to profit from the presidency. It’s time for our representatives in Congress to stand up to Trump’s abuse of power and waste of taxpayer dollars. If Congress continues to sit on its hands, our representatives should be held accountable for their complicity to Trump’s corruption. I’ll remember their inaction when I step into the voting booth.

Gary Zientara

Angel Fire

Thanks to Councilor Trujillo

Thanks, Councilor Ron Trujillo, for supporting small local businesses like ours because local business is the tax support of Santa Fe. Like Johnnie’s Cash Store, in business since 1946, we’ve been in business a long time, since 1975. The Liquid Co. Package Liquors is a pop-and-son operation trying to compete against all other entities. On behalf of all local businesses and especially the Hart family of the Coca-Cola Bottling Co., another longtime local business, I thank you for your gutsy and unwavering support.

Richard D. Anaya

former county commissioner

Santa Fe