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Arnold code officer draws praise from landlords

October 18, 2018

It’s not every day a municipal code enforcement officer get applause at a city council meeting -- especially from the landlords he polices.

But Arnold’s Scott Ponteri got just that, and a bump up from part-time to full-time status.

Ponteri drew plaudits from rental property owner Ben Davis and several other landlords on hand at Arnold’s city council meeting this week.

“As a landlord, I appreciate everything that’s being done,” Davis said. “He’s keeping the bad landlords in check and working with the good landlords to help keep the city clean. I’m all for it.”

Other landlords who spoke had a similar sentiment.

Since mid-September, Ponteri has issued 155 citations, 354 informational tags, 170 letters to property owners and has initiated 75 case files.

Cameras have been placed in alleys where used furniture and other items have been discarded. A private citizen donated 10 cameras for alleys.

“This is where we need to start,” said Councilwoman Debbie Vernon. “You get rid of blight and you can attract families and businesses. It’s amazing what I’ve seen the last seven months.”

Ponteri credits his 28 years as a police officer to his knowledge of handling people.

Police Chief Eric Doutt said more landlords need to inform tenants about the rules for trash pick-ups and what is eligible to be picked up.

Ponteri will make $14.50 per hour with benefits under his full-time status. He formerly worked a maximum of 32 hours per week.