USC Aiken, Aiken Tech receive donations from Mended Hearts

December 20, 2018 GMT

Aiken Mended Hearts members gave away a special gift during a holiday party on Thursday night.

Members of Chapter 294 of the national organization gathered at Aiken Electric Cooperative to celebrate the holidays and enjoy a Christmas dinner. During the ceremony, financial donations were given to representatives of USC Aiken and Aiken Technical College to better their health programs.

“This is our annual Christmas party, which is put on by Aiken Regional Medical Centers,” said Philip Winsor, the chapter’s president.

Winsor said the financial donations given to the two schools at the dinner come from funds raised by organization’s annual golf tournament.


Forest Mahan, president of Aiken Technical College, said the gift was a “great way” for the college to celebrate the holidays.

“Mended Hearts has always been a big supporter of Aiken Technical College’s nursing program,” Mahan said. “The check always does a great deal to help us with our needs and supplies, and they’ve been very generous. It’s been a great partnership for us for many years. We’re glad to have it continue.”

Thayer McGahee, dean of the USCA School of Nursing, accepted the donation on behalf of the school.

“We appreciate the work they do for the patients in Aiken County and for our school,” said McGahee. “Our labs have grown and flourished in large measure thanks to their generosity.”

McGahee said they often invite members of Mended Hearts to the labs so they can see what the donations were used to purchase. One year, she put a red heart on every piece of equipment that was bought with the donations.

“There were red hearts all over the place,” McGahee said. “It was really cute. It was like a Valentine’s party.”

Mended Hearts was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1951. The Aiken chapter was formed in 2001. To learn more about the Aiken chapter, visit aikenregional.com.