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Guns Suspect May Have Ties to Hells Angels

November 3, 2018

SHIRLEY -- Police reports filed in Ayer District Court say 62-year-old Jeffrey Dusti, who is being held without bail as he faces nearly 100 firearms charges connected to a large cache of guns and silencers found in his Great Road home, may have ties to the Hells Angels motorcycle gang.

But while a police report says “there was further information that Dusti has ties to the Hell’s Angels MC club,“Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan on Thursday described the possibility that Dusti has gang ties as merely “rumors.”

A spokeswoman for Ryan declined to comment when contacted about the police reports on Friday.

Members of the State Police Gang Unit, a state police SWAT team, and Shirley police found 47 unlicensed firearms in Dusti’s home at 206 Great Road, Rear, on Wednesday, along with 44 silencers.

Police reports filed in court also reveal that even before the cache of weapons and silencers was found, Dusti was already wanted by Shirley police for allegedly beating an “elderly” friend over a $7,000 debt that was allegedly incurred when the man was robbed in Leominster while trying to buy pills for Dusti.

That man called police on Oct. 17, just after Dusti allegedly picked him up, drove him to his home, and then repeatedly punched and kicked him as he lay on the ground, according to a police report.

According to police reports, the alleged victim in that case, whose age isn’t noted, told officers, “Dusti attacked him by pushing him to the ground and kicked him with a sneaker. He stated he told Dusti he couldn’t breathe and he started kicking ‘harder and harder.’”

Police reports say the alleged victim told police Dusti continued kicking and punching him “for a while.”

Police reports say the alleged victim told police Dusti was angry because a few months ago Dusti gave him $7,000 to buy pills from someone at the Mall at Whitney Field in Leominster, but that the alleged victim ended up getting robbed instead. The alleged victim said he has been doing odd jobs at Dusti’s house in an effort to repay him.

But Dusti was infuriated when he learned the alleged victim may have gotten a cash settlement as a result of a recent automobile accident.

Dusti told police the alleged victim was a friend of his and he couldn’t believe he called police since Dusti has “been very supportive of him,” according to a police report. Dusti told police the alleged victim owed him money, and that “he slapped (the alleged victim) around for lying,” according to a police report.

The alleged victim also provided police with a series of 10 voice mails Dusti left him after he reported the assault to police, according to a police report. Dusti reportedly used the N-word repeatedly in those voice mails, according to a police report.

“You went to the cops? You (expletive) only (expletives) go to the cops OK? There’s no white blood in your its all (expletive) you (expletive) you say your (sic) gonna do one thing then you go to the cops? Get my dough or your (sic) gonna have to move,” a police report quotes Dusti as saying.

In the fifth of the series of voice mails, Dusti said, “I want that money so help me god I’ll kill you,” according to a police report.

In the ninth voice mail, Dusti tells the alleged victim to tell police that he, not Dusti, threw the first punch during the incident on Oct. 17th, according to a police report.

In the 10th voice mail, Dusti said, “I want my money and I better get it and that’s all I can say because if I don’t well ya know what, the cops aren’t gonna be able to help you,” according to a police report.

Court records say police obtained a warrant in connection with that incident charging Dusti with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person over 60, intimidation of a witness, assault and battery on a person over 60, making annoying telephone calls and threatening to commit a crime.

Dusti had a revolver loaded with five rounds in his jacket pocket when a state police SWAT team approached him as he checked his mailbox on Tuesday, according to a police report.

As a result of that and the weapons and silencers found in Dusti’s home, he is also charged with carrying a loaded firearm without a license, possession of ammunition without an FID, 47 counts of possession of a firearm without a license, 44 counts of possession of a silencer, and possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

Dusti is being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for Monday in Ayer District Court.

Ryan said Thursday that police are still investigating why Dusti had such a large collection of weapons.

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