A Star for ‘Star Wars’ Star

March 10, 2018 GMT

Mark Hamill was honored Thursday with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and his “Star Wars” co-star Harrison Ford paid tribute not only to Hamill but also to someone who couldn’t be with them.

“I was really sorry that we don’t have the other member of our trio here to celebrate with us,” Ford said, referring to the late Carrie Fisher, according to The Wrap. “But I feel her presence.”

It was a more somber tribute amid Ford’s otherwise light-hearted jabs at Hamill, with him even joking that far more people turned up for his own Walk of Fame star ceremony. It should be noted that Fisher, who died on Dec. 27, 2016, doesn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame.

“I prepared myself for this experience by going back and looking at the screen tests I did with Mark,” Ford said. “I was surprised, actually, how good he was. Not that I felt at the time he wasn’t good -- I felt he was great. He had just that right blend of youthfulness and enthusiasm.”

Ford added that director George Lucas said at the time “that for a movie that was full of space vehicles and cosmic ideology, he needed a protagonist that was comfortable with those things and could be comfortable and serious in a world made up of those elements. Mark has certainly achieved that.”

Carlton takes issue with Chris Brown’s use of her song

Pop singer Vanessa Carlton wasn’t flattered Thursday when R&B singer Chris Brown used her 2002 hit “A Thousand Miles” to recognize International Women’s Day.

As Billboard reported, Brown took a moment on March 8 to recognize IWD with a post (since deleted) featuring a clip of Carlton’s song. Brown has been a controversial figure since his 2009 arrest for beating then-girlfriend Rihanna. He pleaded guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to probation and domestic-violence counseling.

Carlton took to Instagram, in a post that was later deleted, to tell her followers she did “not want to be associated with an artist that has assaulted women on a day like today.” Brown then responded by saying her post was “spreading hatred.”

Of course, social media took sides. Many of Brown’s fans are accusing Carlton of overreacting.

“I don’t support domestic violence either, but I do believe people can change and learn from their PAST,” one woman wrote.

Another poster wrote that Brown “handled that situation very maturely. He’s clearly trying to grow and leave his past where it’s at, but it’s people like (Carlton) who love to throw it in his face.”

In support of Carlton, one person wrote that Carlton was within her rights. “Just because some of y’all can excuse Chris Brown’s horrific past involving domestic abuse so you could bop to his mediocre music doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to follow suit.”