Brad Wenstrup says only small changes made to Republican memo, not about content

February 1, 2018

Rep. Brad Wenstrup said Thursday that only small changes were made to Rep. Devin Nunes’ memo, but those changes did not include content.

“The only thing I was aware of were making some grammatical changes, and making sure that we did not describe someone’s job if it was a matter of national security, but the content wasn’t changed,” Mr. Wenstrup, Ohio Republican, said on CNN.

Mr. Nunes’ memo has created a lot of controversy both within Congress and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It alleges that improper conduct was used to obtain surveillance warrants for members of President Trump’s campaign team, but Democrats say that Republicans are trying to discredit the justice system as part of a larger effort to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The FBI issued a rare statement on Wednesday saying the memo left out essential pieces of information and questioned its accuracy.

Mr. Wenstrup, a member of the House Intelligence Committee who voted for the public release of the memo, said the agency has been stonewalling Republicans’ efforts to collect information, but he declined to say what information they asked for.

“We requested specific information and they were not turning it over. Matter of fact, there’s some information they said didn’t exist and then we found out that it did,” he said.

Mr. Wenstrup also emphasized that it’s within Congress’ right to monitor the activities of the agency.

“Congress has oversight over DOJ, over FBI. It’s not the other way around,” he said.