Alan Thicke wanted a baby before death

May 24, 2017 GMT

Alan Thicke and his wife were planning to have a baby before he died.

The 69-year-old actor - who had sons Brennan, 42, and Robin, 40, with first wife Gloria Loring, and 19-year-old Carter with second spouse Gina Tolleson - passed away from a heart attack in December, and his spouse Tanya Callau has now revealed he had undergone a health check just a few weeks before his passing to ensure he was in good physical condition and could father another child.

Robin decided to have the check-up after psychic Tyler Henry flagged up a concern with his heart during a reading.

Speaking to E! News, Tanya said: “The fact that he touched on the heart and kind of kept emphasizing that... my husband went in for a checkup two months later and he had a full clean bill of health.

“So what happened to Alan is a massive heart attack, an aorta. It’s hereditary and there was no indication that that was in the family history so it wasn’t something that the doctor’s would’ve been looking for.

“In order to go and do the whole sperm thing he wanted to get a full physical and make sure that he was healthy and ready to go. So all the timing of it was unbelievable.”

And Tanya admitted she and Alan thought it was “strange” when Tyler said he didn’t see children in the couple’s future as they had already started building a nursery.

She said: “Tyler did say -- this is something that’s uncovered on the episode --but when you did your reading, Alan did ask him, ‘Do you see children?’ And Tyler said, ‘No.’ And I kept saying to Alan, ‘Isn’t it strange that Tyler didn’t see that?’ Two weeks before my husband died, we were already starting to build a baby nursery. We had designed it and met with our architect and wanted to do the baby’s nursery upstairs ... so it was near Alan’s office and near my bedroom.”

The reading will air on ‘Hollywood Medium’ next week.