Your Turn: Nov. 26

November 25, 2018

Same thing?So, Ivanka Trump has been using a private email account to conduct official business in violation of federal law.Can you say, “Lock her up”?Steven G. PowellBad candidatesRe: “How Trump’s handhold on 2020 could slip,” Other Views, by Michael Gerson, Tuesday:It’s ironic Michael Gerson writes about improving the character of Republican presidential candidates in 2020 when the Democratic Party ran Hillary Clinton in 2016 and again possibly in 2020.Look in the mirror, sir.Jimmie Jones, New BraunfelsDisgusting displayThe article by Felicia Sonmez of the Washington Post on President Donald Trump’s 20-20 hindsight about the capture of Osama bin Laden was sad (“Trump says U.S. slow in killing bin Laden, enraging critics,” Tuesday).Trump’s flagrant and random tweeting about any subject that pops into his mind is a sad comedy being played by a man with a serious personality disorder who is supposed to be leading our nation.He should not be taking potshots at distinguished Americans like Adm. Bill McRaven. Adm. McRaven is a distinguished officer, a brilliant strategist and a known leader who is suffering from leukemia.We know about the president’s history of ridiculing those who are infirm or not attractive in his sad mind, or who disagree with him. I am astounded that the Republican National Committee rallied in Trump’s defense after his comments.This is just another example of the weakness and pettiness of many of our political leaders. I feel as if I am watching two neighborhood children (the Democrats and Republicans) bickering about whose turn it is to be pitcher so they can throw beanballs at each other.Mike HorridgeTrump helps Pelosi?I read where President Donald Trump has said he “can get Nancy Pelosi as many votes as she wants” to make sure she gets elected speaker of the House.I also heard he intends to get up early the next day and have the sun come up in the eastern sky. Amazing.Bobby Allen

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