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Man falls off Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro Station mezzanine, removed safely from tracks

July 25, 2018

A man tried fleeing police by jumping off the mezzanine at the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro Station Wednesday morning, Metro Transit police say.

Police spotted the man at around 8 a.m. Wednesday in the station after noticing his description matched that of an adult male wanted for a shooting in the 200 block of D Street in Northwest yesterday. After transit officials approached him, he jumped over the concrete railing to the tracks below to evade them, police said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

Metro rider Judith E. Ayers tweeted pictures at 8:50 a.m. Wednesday that showed two other people crouched over the man. The two pinned the man down on the narrow light ledge against the station’s far wall, preventing him from rolling onto the tracks. A half dozen Metro Transit police officers gathered on the platform and assisted the group back to safety.

The man, who Metro police say will be identified on Thursday, suffered a leg injury and was transported to the hospital after police removed a semiautomatic handgun from his possession.

The incident delayed the Green and Yellow lines toward Greenbelt by 15 minutes, adding to a commute already frustrated by delays caused by Metro shutting down the Brookland-CUA and Rhode Island-Brentwood stations for a six-week repair job.