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GrooveRyde’s boxing express delivers swift one-two punch: Stretching Out

February 27, 2018 GMT

GrooveRyde’s boxing express delivers swift one-two punch: Stretching Out

CLEVELAND, Ohio – It’s not all about the bike at GrooveRyde.

Cycling may be their main draw, but in a wise effort to broaden their reach, the fitness studios in Cleveland and Woodmere now also offer a variety of boxing combination classes.

GrooveRyde (grooveryde.com) isn’t just targeting your legs and lungs, in other words, offering hard rides to killer soundtracks. It’s looking at the big picture, your whole body.

The best part? As good as the cycling is at GrooveRyde, the boxing there may be even better. Quick but highly effective, the noontime express boxing class at the new downtown location last week left me completely spent, wondering what, exactly, had hit me.

I suspect it wasn’t any one element but the whole package, the unique combination of equipment, duration, and instruction.

With no time to waste, we got right down to business. After a brief but thorough warm-up, the instructor (who also happens to be the owner) put us through two rounds of straight-up boxing. He gave us punching orders, and we tried our best to follow his lead.

Thing was, we weren’t just punching regular heavy bags, the kind you see at traditional boxing gyms. We were hitting water heavy bags, giant, pear-shaped rubber sacks filled with water.

Where standard bags are liable to swing wildly, water bags tend to stay put and absorb more of the blow. The result is a heavier feeling of impact and a more-intense strength-building effect.

And that was just was one-quarter of the class. After those two rounds of boxing, we launched right into two rounds of boot camp-style exercise, then repeated the whole combo, with slight variations in each category.

Boot camp was the last straw. I didn’t mind the fast-foot drills or mountain-climbers so much, but my shoulders, fatigued from the boxing, were screaming at me for making them pull and press hand-weights in every conceivable direction.

Then, as I mentioned, we had to do it all over again. The second time around, though, there was a twist. In the boxing portion, there were two sessions of “freestyle” exercise. Instead of patterns to follow, we were given free reign, challenged to box however we wanted, as hard as we could, for a solid minute.

Certainly I was right to check out boxing at GrooveRyde. I’m a big fan of quick, intense workouts, especially those tailored to busy working professionals, and this downtown boxing class checks all those boxes.

GrooveRyde isn’t done expanding, either. The new location headed to the forthcoming Van Aken District will boast something offered by only one other facility in the region: classes on the VersaClimber.

Given GrooveRyde’s track record on cycling and now boxing, I predict another winner.