State prison worker in Cleveland stole hundreds in doggie daycare services

August 30, 2018

State prison worker in Cleveland stole hundreds in doggie daycare services

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A former employee in the state’s prison system was slapped with a felony theft charge after officials said she stole $690 worth of dog services from an inmate-run daycare program at a Cleveland women’s prison in 2017.

Jennifer Bouch made her first appearance in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court this week after a grand jury handed up a one-count indictment.

Bouch, 50, of Alpharetta, Georgia pleaded not guilty to the fifth-degree felony charge and was released on a $2,500 personal bond.

The Ohio Inspector General’s office and the State Highway Patrol opened an investigation in February of this year when the prison system ran a yearly audit and discovered money was missing from an account at the Northeast Reintegration Center on East 30th Street, according to a report released Thursday by the inspector general.

Investigators determined that the money was missing from an account for the U Lucky Dog program, which is staffed by inmates and offers pet sitting, grooming and bathing for prison employees for a set fee, the report says.

Employees who wanted to use the service had to fill out an appointment slip at least one week before the service, the report says.

Bouch, who was the cashier for the program at the time, filled out appointment slips for her two dogs, Laci Jo and Meeko, that said she had already paid the fees and then filed fraudulent receipts to herself for the payments she never made, the report says. 

Investigators compared the numbered receipts to the actual amount of money deposited into the account for the U Lucky Dog program and found that the deposits were short $690, which was also the exact amount on Bouch’s receiptso, the report says.

Bouch resigned from her position that same month and paid the $690, the report says. Bouch admitted to investigators that she filled out fake receipts and did not pay for the services, the report says.

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