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Consulting group presents update

April 5, 2019 GMT

JUNEAU -- Executive committee members heard Wednesday from Richard Brady of the Matrix Group on how the first couple of months are progressing of an operational review of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office.

He said in March his consulting group was involved in “two major activities” in support of the project.

“In February we had our team here to conduct on site interviews and collect data,” Brady said. “We summarized the information last month so we could develop an organizational staffing and operational profile that we provided to the sheriff’s office for their review to make sure what we learned in our interviews was accurate and our understanding of the organization’s staffing, operations and costs associated with the sheriff’s office were also accurate.”

He said it was an “important step” for his consulting group.

“So as we go forward with this study we have an accurate portrayal of the sheriff’s office,” Brady said. “This is just a descriptive document for us. It doesn’t deal with any issues or findings or conclusions, but it is an important document in our process.”

The next step his firm took was engaging sheriff’s office employees through an anonymous online survey where 108 people responded, which he said is two-thirds of the sheriff’s office staff with more than half of them employed in the jail.

“It was a representative survey where 60 percent of its respondents said something positive about the department like community relations, service to the community, quality of staff and teamwork within the sheriff’s office,” he said.

Brady said, however, some were concerned with such issues as to the communication flow in the sheriff’s office, adequate coverage within the county and appropriate response time to priority calls for service and the effectiveness of the drug task force.

“We are using that information and developing something that is more than an issues/preliminary resource analysis,” Brady said. “It’s more than standing back from the facts of the profile and asking a bunch of questions. It will be a clean analysis of things such as the organization, structure, staffing and providing an appropriate level of service.”

He said this analysis will provide his firm with their first look at the costs, services and contracts associated with the jail. He said this particular analysis should be ready in early May.

The entire operational review of the sheriff’s office should conclude in late June or early July, Brady said.