January 29, 2019 GMT

Moments after winning the night’s top honor, Chadwick Boseman expounded on his definition of the song “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” backstage after “Black Panther” won the show’s top award.

Boseman said the song by Nina Simone is one of his favorites and the title is among his top “sayings in poetry.” The actor said breaking through while being black even with talent is a “difficult task.”

“It speaks to the fact that you have the same dreams as other people. You have equal or more talent at times, but you don’t have the same opportunities,” said Boseman, while several “Black Panther” cast members including Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and Angela Bassett stood behind him backstage.

“You don’t necessarily have the same doors open to you, the same nepotism, the same money or resources nor have family members who have achieved things that you want to do,” he continued. “It’s a difficult task. But our task in history has not been the same because we’ve been relegated to playing the sidekick or the sideshow or backstage or not here altogether.”