Neil Patrick Harris had Oprah Winfrey over for pizza

April 19, 2019 GMT

Neil Patrick Harris had Oprah Winfrey round for pizza.

The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star and his husband David Burtka - who have eight-year-old twins Gideon and Harper together - have discussed their dream dinner guests, and while they both agreed on ‘Stitches’ hitmaker Shawn Mendes, they’ve already had a very famous face at the table.

Interviewing his spouse for ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Neil asked: “One celebrity you’re dying to have over for a party? Please say Shawn Mendes! Please say Shawn Mendes!”

David responded: “Nick Jonas. Or Shawn Mendes... I mean, we had Oprah [Winfrey] over for pizza.”


Meanwhile, chef David - who has launched a new cookbook called ‘Life Is a Party: Deliciously Doable Recipes to Make Every Day a Celebration’ - also suggested that Martha Stewart could be a “fun” addition to the gathering, as he thinks she is “pretty amazing and savvy and saucy”.

However, his man noted: “She knows a lot. She’d pass judgement, but if she brought that Snoop Dogg.”

The chef laughed: “Both of them together? I don’t think I’d remember it.”

Hip hop star Snoop Dogg, 46, and the 77-year-old businesswoman struck up an unlikely but “special” friendship during their time on ‘Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party’.

The rapper previously said: “Our relationship is so special. People would have never thought that we could have a relationship or have a friendship, but that’s what’s wrong with people: stop judging the book by its cover. A lot of people need to understand and learn.”

And last year, Snoop - who already had his own line of cannabis products named Leafs By Snoop - took the next step as he released his first cannabis-free cook book ‘Crook to Cook’.

He said at the time: “You know it’s blazin’ up in my kitchen. I’m takin’ the cookbook game higher with a dipped and whipped collection of my favourite recipes, ya dig?”