Newsworthy versus ‘fake news’

July 15, 2017 GMT

Who cares whether WWE remains silent on Trump’s CNN body slam? WWE is WWE. That Donald Trump as President performed the CNN body slam which debased the office and disgraced the U.S.A. in the eyes of the world is newsworthy.

That Donald Trump as President regularly attacks the media to undermine confidence in a free press, makes false statements, closes our media out of briefings while admitting the press of a country known to suppress freedom of the press is newsworthy.

“Fake News” originated with Rush Limbaugh and a host of wannabees in far right radio. Fox News took up the practice in TV news and rode the ratings to the top.

Public Television’s News Hour is the best of the TV daily news offerings. One will notice that instead of hammering on one sensational story for a whole hour and maybe for several days, Judy Woodruff and company report in some depth on a number of significant events each evening, following up as an event is ongoing.

The New York Times is the best print media we have for in-depth news coverage. People who do not like the news as reported call it “fake news.” Forget about factual evidence, scientific research, and, especially, expert testimony. Global warming is a good example. Another is attributing the loss of jobs to bad trade deals without acknowledging the role of expanding international trade in job creation and the role of technology in the loss of once well-paying jobs.

As always, profit mongering corporate execs like Trump, who outsource, who downsize, who seek tax shelters, who stiff their subcontractors get a free pass. They are even called job creators.

That we all “start being a little more introspective and critical,” of ourselves is good advice.

Daniel Hudson