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Albert Bruns: Biases and selective memory

March 19, 2019 GMT

Editor: This is regarding a recent letter by Daniel Schlecht. Mr. Schlecht, thank you for your service to our country and I’m sorry it was such a chore. I was 19 in Vietnam and take exception to your dissing of every teenager in the military, now and in the past. I can tell you there are many teenagers in the military today and in certain places are armed to the teeth. I burried more than one teenager from the war. I can only assume you were drafted and were 20 something when serving. Assumptions can be dangerous but as an educator, you didn’t look any farther then your personal bias’ for your letter. Apparently you swore to uphold only those portions of the Constitution you agreed with. Like the ACLU who supports the original 9 not 10 Ammendments there to. As for funny papers I think you should stick with Doonesbury, its more your style.


Albert Bruns

Lake Havasu City