Protesters throw cash on Senate floor

July 6, 2016 GMT

Anti-GMO protesters threw a wad of dollar bills from the viewing galleries onto the Senate floor Wednesday to protest a bill that wouldn’t go as far as they wanted in clamping down on genetically modified crops.

“Stop taking Monsanto’s money,” one protester yelled after the cash was splashed across the back corner of the Senate. Monsanto Company is a major agricultural corporation closely associated with the move to pioneer genetically modified organisms.

The money lay on the ground as senators and staffers dutifully avoided that area, not wanting to be seen near the money. Eventually the chamber staff cleaned it off the rug.

The protest came as the Senate was voting on a bipartisan deal on GMOs and how they should be labeled.

Police tried to restore order, with one officer in plainclothes clapping his hand over a protester’s mouth, but she shook free and continued to shout, saying, “This is not what democracy looks like.”

The protest came just minutes after two contentious votes on immigration, which saw Democrats filibuster to block a crackdown on sanctuary cities and a bill that would have imposed a mandatory minimum sentence on repeat illegal immigrants who are deported but sneak back into the U.S.