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Lawrence County awards highway department materials bids

April 4, 2019 GMT

DEADWOOD — Bids cast by contractors on several price per ton quotes for a variety of county maintenance road supplies were opened by Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Allan Bonnema, and where appropriate, awarded at the county commisson’s meeting March 23.

The bid process included magnesium chloride, asphalt hot mix, asphalt cold mix, gravel aggregate, de-icing sand, and in-place hot mix asphalt paver patching.

Z & S Trucking of Rapid City, was the sole bidder on magnesium chloride, with a winning quote of $155 per ton, $173.50 per ton applied, versus their winning bid price in 2018 of 153 per ton, $171.50 applied.

Bonnema said the county plans to again rent a spray truck for 30 days for magging at an estimated cost of $5,000.

This year, bids from two asphalt hot mix suppliers were approved, in order to maximize efficiencies, bridging the gap between plant site and county project location.

Simon Contractors of South Dakota, Centennial Quarry bid $57 per ton for Class E-1 and $58.50 for Class E-2 asphalt hot mix. Sacrison Paving Exit 8 bid $60 per ton for both classes. Simon Contractors Centennial Quarry bid $58.50 per ton and $59 per ton for the same classes in 2018.

Simon Contractors of South Dakota was the successful bidder on asphalt cold mix, with a $106 price per ton from the Centennial Quarry, up slightly from their $104 per ton winning bid submitted in 2018.

The commission accepted all bids received on gravel surfacing aggregate, for which successful bidders will later be determined depending on the most advantageous price and desired location. Bidders included Simon Contractors, South Dakota and Johner, both of which bid on some or all of the following aggregates: 3/4-inch gravel surfacing; one-inch gravel base; 3/4-inch clean rock; one-inch clean rock; 3/8-inch chip.

Deicing sand bids were accepted at a price per ton based on 4,000 tons: Simon Contractors, South Dakota, Centennial Quarry, $15.50 per ton, total bid price $62,000; Fisher Sand & Gravel Co, Johnson Pit, $15 per ton, total bid price, $60,000; Pete Lien & Sons, Inc., Rapid City Pit, $12.50 per ton, total bid price, $50,000 or price per ton FOB Lawrence County yard in Spearfish, $19 per ton, total bid price, $76,000. In 2018, Simon Contractors South Dakota submitted the sole and winning bid of $15.50 per ton from the Centennial Quarry, for a total of $58,400.

Bid opening was continued to the April 9 commission meeting to allow for review and identification of the most advantageous pricing in regard to mileage. The county will haul the sand itself.

The 2019 In-Place Hot Mix Asphalt Paver Patching bid went to Sacrison Paving at a price of $120 for both type 1 and type 2.

In 2018, the In-Place Hot Mix Asphalt Paver Patching bid went to Hills Material Simon South Dakota at a price of $127 for type 1 and $128.50 for type 2.

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