Johnnie St. Vrain: Longmont, Not Residents, May Post Traffic Signs

April 20, 2018 GMT

Dear Johnnie: I’m curious about a sign at the entrance of Somerset Meadows. It reads “No construction use Pike Rd.” Much of the construction traffic they’re diverting is for Somerset Meadows and makes turning from Pike onto Airport more difficult.

There used to be a homemade, hand-painted sign there, but it was replaced by this more official-looking one. My question is, is this a legal sign? Can a neighborhood divert its own construction traffic through another neighborhood? — Pike Rd.

Dear Pike Rd.: This is not a permitted sign. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate.

I checked with the city and heard back from transportation engineering administrator Tyler Stamey. He started with the city’s rules for truck traffic.

″ Chapter 11.32 of the Longmont Municipal Code pertains to trucks on city streets,” he stated in an email. “Generally, trucks are prohibited on local streets. There are exceptions of course, as businesses have a right to do business and home owners may want to have a moving truck or large delivery truck, trash pickup, etc. on occasion.”

Stamey said that in the southwest part of the city, construction traffic generally is expected to use streets of the highest classification first: arterials, then collectors and finally local streets.

“In the area, Airport Road, Nelson Road, Clover Basin are arterials. Collectors in the area are Pike Road, Renaissance Drive, Mountain Drive, Grandview Meadows Drive, Mt. Audubon Drive. Local streets typically have residential driveway access to them,” he said.

Glenneyre Drive, which is where you saw this sign, is a local street. Therefore, Pike Road is among the preferred routes for trucks, Stamey said.

However, he noted, “This sign is ... installed on a privately owned outlot, and the sign was not permitted by the city. As it appears to be a traffic control device, the sign should be removed. I’ve asked code to follow up on the removal of the sign.”

So, Pike Rd., thanks for the photo.

Out of curiosity, I checked Google Maps to see what preceded the “No construction” sign. At that site, in September 2012, was a sign that said “No parking.” In the median of the roadway was another sign that said “No soliciting,” which looks just like the no soliciting sign in your photo.

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