Feedback on Facebook: Utah County moves away from vote-by-mail — contrary to some city officials’ wishes

April 1, 2018 GMT

Do you prefer the vote-by-mail system?

When Utah County voters cast their votes in the 2018 primary and general elections, it won’t be by mail, unless they’re signed up for absentee voting.

Despite running an entirely by-mail election in 2017 for a special congressional election and municipal elections, Utah County decided to make a return to traditional voting this year.

For the 2017 municipal elections, cities chose to contract with the county to do vote-by-mail in overwhelming numbers, many of them citing improvements in voter turnout as a main reason for the switch.

Burt Harvey If you want to opt-in to still vote by mail for either just this election or permanently, you can do that

Steven Hatch I like the vote by mail as it allows me to sit down and carefully go over everything on the ballot before making my decisions.

Sheri Dye Doesn’t this discriminate against the disabled?!?! I was able to vote absentee because of this when I was dealing with a chronic illness. Not good, not good at all!

Colby Curtis No, I don’t prefer the system. Anyone who needs a mail ballot already has the option outside of vote-by-mail (VBM) via absentee ballots. VBM theoretically is slightly cheaper, but definitely cost more the last time around and the only thing it accomplishes is makes it possible for people to vote who either a) don’t show up at a polling location for whatever reason, or b) don’t fill out a piece of paper to sign up for an absentee ballot that will be mailed to them each election. It’s that simple. Anyone who wants to vote can do so easily, even if disabled or away from home. Not much is required to participate in the system and to exercise the right to vote, is it really too much to ask that people have to sign up or show up to do so? The downsides are much worse. I know three or four individuals who received ballots for previous homeowners in their mail. Personally, I had a mail ballot before this system and I will continue to have one, but people who want to go to the polls can still go. Why force them into having a mail ballot?

Ariana Duke After nearly missing a presidential election years ago due to an unforeseen medical issue, absentee voting is great! The dismal turnouts despite having vote by mail shows how completely disengaged the Utah population is.

Seth Cox I love vote by mail. I can see exactly what is on my ballot and make sure I understand all the candidates and ballot questions I am voting on without taking up someone else’s time in the voting booth where I have limited access to any outside information.

Douglas Bringhurst Let’s go back to the dark ages

Diana Hall Paper ballots