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Aiken area misses snow, but cold temperatures expected to persist this weekend

January 8, 2017

Light snow was seen in parts of Aiken County on Saturday, but the area mostly missed the brunt of a winter storm that left blankets of snow in other parts of the state.

Cold temperatures in the area, however, are expected throughout the weekend.

Aiken County experienced mainly rain late Friday and overnight Friday. There was a changeover to light snow and a freezing drizzle across the County on Saturday morning, said Dan Miller, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Columbia.

From Newberry County to Columbia, there was a light dusting of snow and a light freezing drizzle on elevated surfaces such as trees, but not enough to cause them to fall, according to the meteorologist.

“For the CSRA, there wasn’t much impact,” he said.

Some light snow was reported across Aiken on Saturday but there was little to no accumulation. The CSRA experienced a very minimal, brief period of light snow and light sleet, Miller said.

Temperatures were around freezing a little before noon on Saturday with some some slick spots on bridges and overpasses, Miller reported.

The only threat Saturday night and into this morning is any lingering moisture on roads that could refreeze overnight, he said.

Miller said Saturday that colder air was continuing to work in as an area of high pressure to the northwest shifted southeast. It was expected to bring colder air into the area Saturday night through Monday.

There will be sunny skies today, but temperatures are still predicted to be cold. The National Weather Service online says the high will be near 38 degrees.

The wind will be generally 10 mph, Miller said.

″(It will be) just enough wind to cause it to feel even cooler than what the actual air temperature is,” he said.

Miller said tonight could be the coldest. The low in Aiken is predicted to be around 21 degrees.

At least one emergency shelter in Aiken planned to open Saturday night until this morning due to the cold weather.

On Monday, Miller said there will be sunny skies and light wind, with high pressure over the area. Temperatures will be in the lower 40s, and Monday night lows will be in the mid 20s.

Cold air will be retreating Tuesday and on Tuesday night, Miller said, and a rapid warmup toward mid to late week could bring temperatures up toward the 70s.

“It’s a pretty significant difference in our temperatures coming up early week versus late week,” he said.