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Fascism is a movement of the left -- Joseph Tripalin

October 25, 2017 GMT

For some time now, left leaning politicos and some of the media have been labeling conservatives as fascists. This is an effort to brand conservatism with the terrible stain of fascism, even though there is no basis for this.

Fascism was born in the early 20th century by Benito Mussolini and his Italian Social Party. In Italy, the fascists promoted big government, nationalized industries and diminished personal liberties. Adolph Hilter’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party took fascism to a new level of evil.

History shows that fascism was a form of socialism where big government managed everything in a totalitarian environment, including stripping people of their personal liberties. Certainly today, conservatives do not believe in nor promote the views of fascism. They don’t want big government, and they are champions of individual freedoms.


For the last almost 100 years, socialism -- including fascism -- has been a political movement of the left with the goal of promoting big government even at the cost of personal liberty. The political left owns fascism and needs to stop promoting the lie that conservatives are fascists, and the media needs to stop supporting that lie.

Joseph Tripalin, McFarland