Area doesn’t need more football -- Katherine van Wormer

November 18, 2018

Madison does not need football stadiums -- period -- much less to embellish them with lights and high-volume sound, as Edgewood High School proposes.

I keep hoping this sport will be outlawed for children as physically harmful, or at least discouraged as a violent sport that can injure players for life. Nothing is safe or aesthetically appealing about this rough game.

Because of the risk of permanent brain injury, more parents are refusing to allow their sons to play football. Some former fans, bearing this in mind, reportedly no longer attend games. Research at the college level shows football is associated with violence and drunkenness in its fans as well as players. Perhaps it attracts players who are prone to violence.

Promoting football at the high school level with professional-style facilities only prepares young people for risk-taking behavior ahead, whether on the field or at the tailgating parties.

Hopefully, more parents will discourage their sons from participating in this game and get them to play some other sport, and hopefully the community will say no to Edgewood High School. This venture is harmful to the community and the school. The high school’s money should go to academics and less expensive, more appealing sports such as tennis, track and basketball.

Katherine van Wormer, Madison

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