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A political prediction for 2019 -- Terry M. Kramer

February 2, 2019 GMT

We are at that time of year when political pundits review the past year and provide an outlook of what is to come. The recent government shutdown debate provides insight on what may happen in 2019. Here is my fictional prediction:

The president will realize his usual bullying negotiation tactics that worked with a Republican House will not work with a Democratic House. He will also see Robert Mueller’s investigation moving closer to him. By the end of June he will have packed up his toys, resigned and gone back to his commercial empire.

As his first action, new President Mike Pence will perform a “Fordesque” action and issue a full and complete pardon of all charges relating to any investigation of his predecessor.

As the nominating conventions near in November, President Pence will realize that he does not have all of the Trump base behind him and will not enter the Republican race.

If the nation is lucky, both parties will nominate two women both under the age of 60 as their candidates. In 2020, the Trump base will drift away from the chosen female candidate, and at the election 10 percent will write in Trump. The Republicans will lose.

Terry M. Kramer, Baraboo