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Keto XP Reviews: KetoXP Ketosis Booster - Shark Tank Controversy?

July 10, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 10, 2020 - Keto XP is a new natural metabolic ketosis boosting supplement rich in BHB, or Beta-hydroxybutyrate, that is hailed as a weight loss diet pill due to this powerful fat burning ketone. KetoXP has even caused a media stir as of late for being falsely associated with Shark Tank too. While the affiliation with Shark Tank and Keto diet pills for weight loss are nothing new on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is new controversy brewing amongst keto diet followers and the search for the truth regarding the KetoXP brand, officially found at TryKetoXP.com.


It is not always easy to separate fact from fiction or signal from noise when it comes to keto diet and keto diet supplements. Due to it being tough to decipher a legit brand who may have a few bad actors regarding overly aggressive promotional narratives, the following Keto XP review breaks down the product’s purported benefits, company contact details and available verifiable information.

The keto diet has gotten a lot of interest lately, as consumers continue to share their weight loss journeys ever since it took mainstream media’s attention back in January 2017. Unfortunately, many end up failing because it is a strict diet to follow through, not to forget the impact it can have on one’s determination and efforts. Luckily, this created a new stream of supplements that mimic the same effects of the keto diet and can put the body into a natural state called ketosis, where the primary fuel source derives from fats versus carbs.

A supplement that recently dropped in the market, Keto XP initially left heads turning (report overview below), but due to questionable marketing techniques, their legitimacy was left with a big question mark. To help consumers see past the false testimonials, this review provides a complete analysis supported by extensive research. In understanding what Keto XP is and what it stands by, consumers may have a better sense of whether it is appropriate for them. Here’s Keto XP and all of its non-Shark Tank promoted ways:

What is Keto XP?

Keto XP is a dietary nutritional supplement that aims to support burning stubborn belly fat, enhancing energy and focus, and suppressing appetite by increasing Beta-hydroxybutyrate, the first substrate that kicks the metabolic state of ketosis into action. Most of all, it has been formulated to mimic the ketogenic diet results without actually having to partake in it or at least give the consumer more leniency.


According to the official website found at TryKetoXP.com, there are thousands of people already benefiting from a rich supplementation of BHB ketones using a 100% all natural pure ketosis formula found inside the Keto XP supplement.

How does Keto XP with BHB work?

Supplements like Keto XP rely on one key ingredient: BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate. But first, it is essential to understand how human cells work when they lack carbohydrates:

The cells hunt for energy: During the ketogenic diet, consumers are usually required to significantly cut back on carbohydrates and replace them with healthy fats. This change is a sudden slap in the face for body cells because they are so used to convert carbohydrates into glucose for energy. Fortunately, they know how to act fast, so instead of carbs, they now turn to stored fat. When fat is broken down, blood ketones are produced, shifting one’s metabolism into ketosis. The primary type of ketone found in the body is BHB (78%), followed by acetoacetate (20%) and acetone (2%).

Keto supplements to replace keto diets

The primary concern that rests in following ketogenic diets is pushing the body into ketosis. Since each individual is unique, the ratio of fat to protein to carbohydrates is likely to vary. Then comes the possibility of driving the body out of ketosis, which can be achieved by the slightest changes in one’s macronutrients. Most of all, this diet is a tough one, and not many people can push through. These are the reasons why the keto supplements industry proliferated.

Supplements like KetoXP include an exogenous type of BHB. In this case, individuals are likely to experience an increase in blood ketone levels in an accelerated manner. The faster the process, the sooner one attains ketosis, and the results follow suit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keto XP with BHB

The recent release of the new advanced weight loss diet pill formula from the Keto XP supplement makers has prompted many questions and concerns from a consumer standpoint.

What results can be expected of KetoXP?

Based on the KetoXP function and its key ingredient, one can anticipate accelerated fat burning, which can lead to weight loss. With the heightened BHB content present, individuals are likely to achieve faster recovery, have sustainable energy, think more precisely, and complete their daily tasks without falling flat.

How soon can one anticipate results?

According to the creators of KetoXP, results are quite instant. They insist that each individual should be able to lose at most 1 pound a day. Results are likely to vary based on one’s commitment to the supplement, and their respective bodies and health.

Should KetoXP be paired with exercise and diet?

While taking Keto XP doesn’t require the added effort of dieting and exercising, both can help boost results. Exercising is crucial for those interested in achieving a lean cut body, as a supplement alone cannot accomplish this. Then comes the fact that muscles require nutrition, and BHB on its own is insufficient. While the hyper-sensationalized metabolic ketosis booster support supplement may be a fat burning accelerator, it is always wise for longevity’s sake to partake in some form of physical exercise or workout to maintain proper health and overall wellness.

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Why is it essential to reduce carbohydrates intake to achieve ketosis?

The main goal of participating in the ketogenic diet or taking keto supplements is to increase ketone bodies. This cannot be achieved if the body turns to carbohydrates because it is no longer interested in burning fat. With Keto XP, carbs don’t need to be limited because its strong BHB content is adequate to push the body into ketosis.

Does Keto XP come with a refund policy?

Yes, Keto XP comes with a 30-day refund policy. As long as individuals contact the customer service team within the first 30 days of purchase, a refund can be initiated. In this case, the company will not take responsibility for shipping fees or any damage or losses incurred during the return process.

To get in touch with the company, call toll-free at (855) 207-2283.

How much does Keto XP cost?

Only available on TryKetoXP.com, the cost of Keto XP depends on the number of bottles purchased.

That said, here’s a summary of the options available today:

  • One (1) KetoXP bottle (one-month supply): $69.97 each
  • Three (3) KetoXP bottles (three-month supply): $49.97 each or $149.97 altogether
  • Five (5) KetoXP bottles (five-month supply): $39.47 each or $198.97 altogether

In addition to the drop in prices, individuals currently have the option to participate in the Keto XP free trial. It might be best to avoid trial models simply because they typically focus on auto-enrollments and monthly costs. For the time being, there is no evidence suggesting that Keto XP follows the same model. Also of importance for those considering the option to buy Keto XP weight loss diet pill supplement online, the product is not available on Amazon.com or any other third party retail platform or storefront. While the risky nature of Keto XP may ask too much tolerance for the average consumer, it is ultimately wise to always buy and deal directly with the official website to avoid cheap knockoffs or even worse, tainted keto diet pills laced with harmful additives.

Who is responsible for Keto XP?

As far as the sole creators of Keto XP go, there’s very little information about them. Hence, individuals are going all-in without any knowledge of the company, the primary and manufacturing teams, their mission, lab results, and certifications, among other factors.

Hence, before making a purchase, it might be of one’s interest to email customer service at  support@tryketoxp.com.

Is Keto XP legitimate?

Based on the analysis above, Keto XP appears to be entirely legitimate despite its fraudulent connection with Shark Tank. Like most supplements in the market, it includes exogenous BHB, which is crucial for increasing one’s chances of entering ketosis. The main problem here is the way Keto XP has been marketed. The marketer(s) failed to adequately inform consumers on the critical factors, including the actual company and providing a complete nutritional facts breakdown. Above all comes deceptive tactics that drive consumer interest away, which Keto XP has recently witnessed.

The Unfortunate Use of Deceptive Marketing

Keto XP’s poor marketing choices have since combined falsified stories, over the top claims, fake celebrity testimonials, and the most ridiculous of them all, appearing on Shark Tank.

#1. Alleged Celebrities Behind Keto XP

Keto XP has been linked to big celebrity names, including Jennifer Hudson, Wendy Williams, and Drew Carey. After further research, it was found that the three superstars lost weight, but not through KetoXP. This is an unfortunate shame because it eliminates a brand’s credibility.

#2. Keto XP’s Falsified Appearance on Shark Tank

Keto XP was promoted as having appeared on Shark Tank, but nothing about this claim is supposedly real. As seen  here, consumers are told that the Sharks “unanimously decided to each invest over 1.3 million dollars,” adding that, “the pair are the first contestants in the shows long duration to ever receive a standing ovation […] from all five panels.” Sure, it is clever to use such a tactic because just appearing on the show gives a product a profitable boost; however, when falsified claims get exposed, it only leaves the brand with scars.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Keto XP is a dietary supplement designed to boost one’s fat-burning endeavors through ketosis. They appear to be in this business for the right reasons; however, this brand has since garnered a lot of criticism and distrust due to circulating false claims. Marketers have become quite desperate in making sales that they were willing to go as far as destroying Keto XP’s name. With that in mind, individuals interested in KetoXP should get in touch with the customer service team to get every detail they need to gain reassurance. This is especially important because Keto XP could be useful in bringing results, and there’s no way of knowing until the doubts have been clarified.

To find more about Keto XP, the rest of the information is all available to view on TryKetoXP.com today.