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Joel A. Pound: On gun bans and lunatics

April 1, 2019 GMT

Editor: This is in response to Sharon Weber’s letter, “Gambling with kids’ lives”. I wholeheartedly agree with you that “most people are responsible, law abiding citizens”. The truth most liberals refuse to accept is the fact that an “angry, off their meds, drunk, suffering from depression or some other problem” is not going to pay any attention to any law that bans weapons. (Look at Mexico where guns are totally banned.) I obey businesses that post “no weapons” signs, but I laugh at the naivety (or stupidity) of those who think a terrorist or a lunatic is going to tum around and not enter their establishment because of the sign. I believe the more people the “lunatic fringe” thinks may be armed, the less likely they may be to take aggressive action. Just my opinion, and I do respect yours.


Joel A. Pound

Lake Havasu City