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Phox news: Band with Baraboo roots announces hiatus

October 18, 2016 GMT

A Baraboo-bred band that has developed a national following is taking a break.

After years of touring, Phox will hold its last concert – for now, anyway – in February at the Al. Ringling Theatre.

The indie pop group announced its indefinite hiatus Monday morning via social media. A series of performances will precede its final show in Baraboo.

“This is a decision filled with love and respect for ourselves and each other as we support a growing sense within each of us to pursue other creative outlets,” an announcement on the band’s Facebook page reads.

Phox originally was a sextet of Baraboo High School friends who formed a band in 2011. Shortly after moving to Madison that fall, the ensemble became a local favorite. Before long, its popularity swept through the Midwest and beyond.

By summer 2013, Phox was opening for hit bands like the Lumineers. A debut album dropped the next year. Phox went on to appear on Conan O’Brien’s late-night television show, share bills with Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind, play Summerest in Milwaukee and serve as grand marshals of the Big Top Parade in Baraboo, playing two sold-out concerts at Circus World Museum. The band toured Europe, Australia and New Zealand and criss-crossed the U.S. several times.

The band’s announcement says the members of Phox “had no idea what we were getting into,” and merely wanted to experience life outside their hometown. “So many beautiful absurd things that would have never happened if we’d hadn’t gotten together in our aimlessness after high school,” it reads. “We traveled far, worked really hard, and learned a lot about ourselves.”

Extensive touring in support of Phox’s first album lasted well over a year, and the band ended 2015 with a much-needed break. In the months that followed, it became clear to the band’s members that time on the road had distracted them from other creative pursuits. A conversation within the band started to gain momentum: Each member had creative goals outside of the band they were excited about pursuing. The band’s announcement notes that there “are movies to be made, albums to produce.”

The band will play a string of shows around the Midwest and along the East Coast before hitting the pause button, including a show at the Capitol Theater in Madison on Feb. 3 and a final bow in Baraboo the next night. Tickets go on sale for the local show Friday.

“We are forever grateful for the support you’ve given to us over the last four years,” the announcement reads, “and will make sure to keep you posted on all our respective explorations in songwriting, filmmaking, collaborating, composing, producing, and graphic novel writing.”