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Orchids and Onions: Saturday, May 11, 2019

May 11, 2019 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Doctor Davis and the entire staff at the Havasu Regional Medical Center and the Skilled Nursing Unit. You have dedication, caring, compassion and professionalism, mixed with humor – it all adds up to a great stay! Lee from MN

Onions to the construction crew on Lake Havasu Avenue who are more like the Keystone Cops for closures, signage, and routing of traffic. Seniors needing prescriptions must navigate a horrific maze to get to Walgreens. Complaints should be made to the mayor’s office, not Walgreens staff.

Orchids to caring about climate change. How about everyone turning off the lights illuminating their yards at night? Think of the reduction in water used to create electricity that ruins our night views of the spectacular night skies here in Havasu.


Onions to the driver who cruised through the 4-way stop on Mesquite at the hospital entrance! Read! I saw you coming with no idea of slowing down or so much as even hesitating!

Orchids to Jerry Patton and Shawn Lee for figuring out and helping to get my refrigerator situation fixed. New filter provided with unit was blocked. Bypass plug allowed the water to flow at one gallon per minute.

Onions to the pseudo professional who just can’t seem to keep the lights on these days. You continue to rob Peter to pay Paul and is catching up to you! You can’t keep up the charade forever...

Orchids to all of the 3rd floor staff of HRMC for kindness, compassion and excellent care after my shoulder surgery. Tom D

Onions to all you drunk, drugged out, bi-polar wackos that come into a local live music dance club and ruin the evening for everyone. The bouncers should have taken you crazies out way sooner. Something bad is going to happen to innocent citizens if the owners don’t get on it faster.

Orchids to Falcon Handyman and Garage Door Service! I have just under 200 commercial doors at my self storage business. Jason came out and adjusted several of them on his way into California. What a great service provider!

Onions to whomever is in charge of the construction on Lake Havasu Avenue. What a total joke.

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