Fish farmer, gov, tribe partner on salmon stocking program

October 13, 2019

CUTLER, Maine (AP) — A fish farming company says it’s working with government agencies and a tribal group to raise salmon to be released into a Maine river.

Cooke Aquaculture says it’s working on the project with the Maine Department of Marine Resources, the federal government and the Penobscot Indian Nation. The company says the project involves growing juvenile Atlantic salmon to adult size in aquaculture pens near Cutler and releasing them into the Penobscot River’s East Branch.

Salmon were once plentiful in Maine’s rivers, but the fish are now listed under the U.S.’s Endangered Species Act. Cooke says about 5,000 adult salmon will be taken to the East Branch and tributaries in fall 2021 or 2022. It says that will result in the most spawning adults in the Penobscot River in decades.