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October 12, 1986

VERO BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ People tired of alligators that wander into residential neighborhoods looking for lunch can get revenge - on a white-bread bun.

Dykes Food Store, a small country store in St. Lucie County, sells gator burgers and steaks made from troublesome alligators caught by a state-licensed trapper in lakes, canals and back yards.

″We get a lot of people who come back″ after trying one, said Janice Dykes. ″The taste of the meat reminds me a little of center-cut pork chops.″

Her customers eat at least 40 pounds of alligator a month in the form of smoked meat, $2 breaded burgers and $3 white-meat steak sandwiches, she said.

She and her husband Donald offer the meat on white buns. The recommended condiment is hot sauce.


WEST CAPE MAY, N.J. (AP) - It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Bobbie Cherrelle says she’s going to use her position as Miss Lima Bean 1986 to improve the reputation of the often despised vegetable.

″Everybody has a lima bean horror story,″ Mrs. Cherrelle said Saturday at the Lima Bean Festival here. ″People are made to eat them or made to shuck them. Nobody has pleasant experiences with the lima bean. ...

″Right now, I’m trying to act as the public relations for the lima bean,″ she said. ″I want to bridge the gap between the people and the lima bean.″

She said West Cape May is the top lima bean growing region in the East.

The festival featured a lima bean recipe contest with local talent whipping up such green delicacies as lima Louie, lima bouillabaisse, lima pancakes, lima soup and lima fluff.

″It feels good,″ Mrs. Cherrelle said of becoming the first Miss Lima Bean. ″Next year there will be a contest for a new Miss Lima Bean. Then, I’ll be a has-bean.″


NEW YORK (AP) - Publicity gimmicks are nothing new in this city of PR men and ad agencies.

But a marriage of the Statue of Liberty and a Christopher Columbus statue in Barcelona, Spain?

″I did not even know that they were dating,″ quipped Mayor Edward Koch.

A symbolic prenuptial announcement ceremony, held Saturday at the glittery Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, included the unveiling of a 100-foot turquoise ″engagement dress.″ It coincided with the Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.

Koch and Cultural Affairs Commissioner Bess Myerson, claiming to represent the bride’s family, were joined at the ceremony by Pep Subiros, commissioner of cultural affairs of Barcelona.

″It is obvious that this marriage is something of a play,″ said Subiros. ″But under the play there is another reason ... to strengthen the ties between Barcelona and New York.″

The marriage, the idea of Antoni Miralda, an artist born in Barcelona who lives in New York, is the inaugural event of the ″Honeymoon Project,″ a series of art events continuing through 1992 - the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage to the New World.