Juneau vegetable contest winners listed

October 1, 2017 GMT

Juneau Community Garden and Blue Zones Project of Dodge County held a vegetable growing contest that was judged Sept. 16 at 10 a.m. at the Community Garden, 383 N. Hyland St.

Judge Becky Gutzman, who has judged vegetables in 51 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, picked winners from eight contestants who had 21 different entries.

First place ribbons for three carrots with stems on went to Rob Jagielski of the Clearview CBIC Gardens as well as Marianne add Harold Zastrow. Harold also won grand champion. Second place went to St. John’s Lutheran Preschool ages 3 & 4, while third place went to Karen Greenwald and Doreen Eicher. The judge was looking for uniformity of size in the carrots.


In the cherry tomato category, Eicher won first place along with Greenwald who also won grand champion. Deb Wiebelhaus took second place.

For red tomato, Jannette Thrane won first place and grand champion while Eicher won second place.

For three tomato any other color, Wiebelhaus and Marianne Zastrow both won second place ribbons.

Greenwald won first place for most unusual tomato while Wiebelhaus won first and grand champion for her most unusual carrot. Marianne Zastrow, St. John’s Preschool age 4, Clearview’s Jagielski of CBIC Garden, Harold Zastrow and Eicher all won second place ribbons.

Prizes were a garden cart from Reichel of Blue Zones, a cooler on wheels from Landmark Credit Union, a garden basket or hob from Marianne Zastrow, a flower box with two dahlia bulbs, cookbook, artificial zinnias and decorated bottle from Clearview, vegetable spices from Reichel, Eicher and Marianne Zastrow.

A contest will be held again next year and other community gardens are challenged to create their own contests.