Circlet-Lets, Inc. Philadelphia Chapter hosts post-holiday party

January 23, 2018 GMT

The Philadelphia Chapter of The Circle-Lets, Inc. hosted its annual post-holiday party at Sandy Run Country Club in Orland, Pa., earlier this month. It’s always a way to get the year started with good friends, good food, great music and dancing.

Dr. Linda Nunes, current president, attended with Circle-Mate, as husbands and significant others are referred to, Dr. Frederick Nunes. They were joined by Yvette and Robert Bright.

Circle-Lets’ vice president, Dr. Wilfreta Baugh, enjoyed the festivities with her daughter Gabrielle Baugh. Maxine Cocker, another Circle-Let, was there with her husband Paul Coker, Joy and Ross Thompson, Marie and Eugene Golson and Byron and Stephanie Golson.

Sandra Booth and Linda Stephens are also officers. Coralie Barksdale is immediate past president. She was spotted having a wonderful time with Dr. Gregory Barksdale, Frank Scott and Renee Bridges. Also in attendance were Orien Reed-Nix and Charles Nix, Gregory and Marie Burrell and Cynthiana and William “Bill” Lightfoot, who traveled from the nation’s capitol for the occasion.

Other members of the club out and about, enjoying the evening were: Renee Allen and Wesley Allen, Shirley Willis, Michelle Tucker and Nina Tier, Annette Turner and Michael Turner, Dr. Reginald Royster and his wife, Monique Braxton, and Veronica and Michael Milbourne. Wilhelmina Jackson was joined by Jarrett Jackson, and Nancy Jean Sewell enjoyed the company of her brother Richard Sewell and his wife, Maureen Sewell, from New Jersey, as well as Vivian Sewell, Dr. Albert Mitchell and Kittura Dior. Ahmed and Jamir Ahmed had a great time, as did Valerie Robinson and her husband, Carlton Robinson.

Other guests were Candyce Wilson, Melvin Wilson, Tanya Deyo, David Grey, Roz and Jerry Cary, JoAnn Bradley, Phoebe Haddon, Frank McClellan, Charisse Lillie, Tom McGill, Michael and Trina Geary, Aretha Marshall and Judge Gregory Sleet. It was wonderful to see Judge Petrese Tucker and Judge Leon Tucker, Gloria L. Williams with her son, the Rev. Ronald Williams, Deborah Chew James, Rayfield James, Page and Diane Bowser, Ruth and Ted Ramsey, Irma Brooks and Marjorie Chew, Ramsey and Kristine Chew, Iris Chew, Michelle Chew and Joanne Chew from Baltimore.

Naveena Bembry and husband, Robert Bembry, were joined by Stephanie and Robert Preston. Tee and Steve Tolliver were the guests of Linda and Darry Stephens. Leslie Cousins-Mond and Jerome Mond, who recently celebrated a wedding anniversary, were joined by David and Chiquita Donaldson. Leslie Tanner Moore and Jerome Comer danced the night away.

Other members who were unable to join us were Willadine Bain, Regina Meacham Devero and Henri Moore.

Sadly, beloved Philadelphia Circle-Let member Mary ”Bunny” Hughes passed in December. She will be missed and never forgotten.

Circle-Lets, Inc. founders Dorris Bell Daniels and Vivienne Malone Mayes met at Fisk University in Nashville, Tenn. They enjoyed a friendship, which continued beyond their college days and after they returned to their respective cities, Detroit and Waco, Texas. After much correspondence, they envisioned an organization that would have friendship as its common denominator. They shared in creating the prayer, poem, motto and song. The lyrics of the song were written by Marguerite Williams of Dallas. It was Vivienne Malone Mayes who chose the name Circle-Lets, a Circle of Friends. The first chapter of Circle-Lets was organized in September 1955 at the home of founder Pearl Coleman Kidd in Dallas.

On Sept. 24, 1960, the Philadelphia Chapter was installed, bringing the number of chapters to six. The membership represents the full spectrum of professional and nonprofessional women whose basic tenet is friendship.

The motto of The Circle-Lets is, “To provide a social outlet and a sisterly relationship among women with similar ideals, interests and goals.”

Have a fantastic week “Out and About” everyone!