RE: “Tuesday’s election”

November 15, 2016 GMT

Mr. Richard Kearns, you speak of President Elect Donald Trump as “one of the most despicable, immoral individuals on this planet.” You state this as though you have had numerous first-hand, in person, encounters with Mr. Trump. In all fairness, you should have stated the occasions and the dates of these encounters in order to make your statement a believable one. Without facts to back up your words, these are just empty words spoken by a sore loser.

You go on to make a statement of “hypocrisy of a so call Christian nation”, regarding the recent vote. Mr. Kearns, several times during the campaign period, I recall see many esteemed “Christian” leaders speak on Mr. Trump’s behalf. Two very prominent ones are Franklin Graham, and Jerry Fallwell, Jr. If I recall correctly, both of these highly regarded, Christian gentlemen clearly stated . . . “We are not voting for a new pastor for the church. We are not voting for a new priest of the parish. We are voting for a president.”

Based on those comments, I fail to see how you are making this a “Christian” vs a “non-Christian” election. Your thought process loses me. I know both when I registered, and again when I voted, I have never been asked my religious affiliation. I have never been asked to show proof of “Christianity” . . . . or any other religion.

Mr. Kearns, you go on to make a statement “He has influenced our electorate like sheep being led to slaughter.” Think of the total absurdity of that statement. Trump won this election “against all odds”! He did not have the support of his Republican party; he did not have the support of the vast majority of the major names in Republican currently serving as office holders; he did not have tons and tons of money thrown at him as did Mrs. Clinton. Trump won this election the old fashioned way . . . pure guts!

I am a 78 year old, lifelong Republican. Donald Trump was most assuredly not my choice as a candidate for president. My vote for Trump was not so much a vote FOR Trump, as it was a vote AGAINST Clinton. The will of the people has been stated. The people have spoken.

Mr. Kearns, one of your closing statements really bothers me. You quote a poet my saying “Do not go gentle in the night, rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Mr. Kearns, I take this statement to clearly state that you would prefer “raging demonstrations” against the will of the people; instead of a bunch of sore losers swallowing their pride and accepting the agony of defeat. Your advocacy of rage, as well as the stupid demonstrations that are taking place across the country the past few nights are exactly what is one of the major problems in the country today . . . total lack of respect for all forms of authority.

Dick Elliott,