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Walgreens to stock EpiPen alternative

September 6, 2018 GMT

Walgreens will begin selling the Auvi-Q auto-injector that administers epinephrine to those suffering allergic reactions, amid continued shortages of EpiPen injectors.

Walgreens becomes the first retail pharmacy nationally to carry Auvi-Q which is manufactured by Richmond, Va.-based Kaleo, with the drug designed to treat anaphylaxis allergic reaction that can occur upon exposure to peanuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, wheat, insect bites, latex and medication, among other allergens.

Walgreens stated that it will work with patients’ physicians to determine if Auvi-Q is right for them. Eligible patients with commercial insurance — including those with high-deductible plans — can obtain Auvi-Q at no cost. Kaleo offers the possibility of assistance for those who lack insurance or prescription drug coverage in their plans, with terms online at www.auvi-q.com/getting-auvi-q.


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