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DC netters search for leadership

November 16, 2016 GMT

The question on coach Emily Maresh’s mind is, who will step up for the David City volleyball team. The Scouts are young and they lost catalyst Becca Meusch. Next season, the Scouts will search to see who will step up and rally the rest of the team.

1. What are your thoughts about the season and your team’s progress?

We had to fill many gaps after losing eight seniors from last year. I think that we had some younger girls really step into their new roles well this year. With only returning one true starter, we had a lot of different positions that we were going to have to fill. Throughout the season the girls gained an understanding of the game more.

2. Who is/are the most improved or the most valuable athlete(s) to your program?

Our most improved player is Macy Svoboda. Mid-season she really found her rhythm and timing while she was hitting. As a team we asked a lot from Olivia Couch and Becca Meusch. Becca did a great job at leading the girls when possible and stepping into a new role at the varsity level. Olivia stepped up nicely in her new positions that she was playing this year.

3. What conflicts did your team face and how did you overcome or deal with those problems?

There were times where our team was not playing as a team, but as individuals. We overcame this at times by making sure that we trusted and had confidence within ourselves and our teammates. We made sure that we were playing the game for the right reasons and that we were all on the same page.

4. What were your goals for the year? Did you reach them?

Our goals for the year were to understand ourselves as individuals on the court, have more court awareness and always giving it your all. We reached the first two goals to an extent. I feel as our girls always gave effort, but they were too quick to get down on themselves when they made a mistake.

5. Describe your strengths and weaknesses for next season.

Our strengths for next season will be that we will be returning most of our team. They grew a lot this year by understanding the game better as well as understanding situations of the game. A weakness that could be a possibility is that someone is going to have to step up into a leadership role. We are going to miss Becca and how she always gave it her all and pushed others to do this as well. She was willing to always work her hardest, but at the same time encourage and push her teammates to work hard too.