Unrequited love helped land a Lake Havasu City man in jail recently

May 14, 2019 GMT

Ramiro Novoa-Gonzalaez, 47, was charged with one misdemeanor count of criminal damage after a May 6 incident in which is he alleged to have vandalized a 2019 red Toyota Corolla.

According to City Police, an officer responded to the Tecopa Docks on London Bridge Road after a woman called to report a man, identified as Novoa-Gonzalaez, had caused extensive damage to her vehicle.

The victim said that he has been telling people they are in a relationship, but she said they aren’t dating and never have. She said they only knew each other because they worked at the casino together and used the ferry to cross the lake to get to work.


On the night of May 6, she and another coworker had returned to Havasu and she said Novoa-Gonzalaez was waiting on the docks when they got off the boat. She said when she and her coworker walked to the car, he followed them.

She saw that both of her side mirrors were laying on the ground and the air had been let out of her front passenger side tire.

While the officer spoke to the victim, Novoa-Gonzalaez approached and said he knew she was going to call police. The officer said Novoa-Gonzalaez told him that the two had been dating for two months, but he didn’t know her name. The officer also said Novoa-Gonzalaez seemed to be very drunk.

The officer later collected fingerprints from the mirror and when he confronted Novoa-Gonzalaez, he allegedly admitted that he got upset and tore the mirrors from the car because of his jealousy.

— Today’s News Herald