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Pocatello firefighters rescue ducklings trapped at bottom of deep storm drain

May 18, 2019 GMT

POCATELLO — Four Pocatello firefighters played the role of heroes for a mother duck and her seven trapped ducklings on Thursday evening on the city’s west bench.

All seven of the mallard ducklings fell down a deep storm drain at the intersection of Highland Boulevard and Gwen Drive around 8 p.m.

The firefighters said the mother duck started “freaking out” about her imperiled ducklings and she began quacking so loudly that it got the attention of neighborhood residents who dialed 911.

The Pocatello Fire Department’s Engine 2 arrived on the scene and firefighters Adam Davis, Tony Catt, Jordan VanEvery and Devin Blaser immediately got to work on rescuing the ducklings.


The firefighters had to use a ladder to get to the bottom of the storm drain eight feet below the street. There was water at the bottom of the drain which cushioned the ducklings’ fall.

The firefighters climbed down the ladder and rescued the ducklings one by one and then reunited them with their very relieved mother. The rescue took about five minutes and all of the ducklings survived the ordeal.

Rain was in the forecast on Thursday evening but the showers had not started when the ducklings fell down the storm drain. If it had been raining, Davis said the water flowing down the drain would have certainly swept the ducklings away before he and the other firefighters could have arrived to rescue them.

Davis, who’s been with the Fire Department for 15 years, said he’s rescued cats and birds before but never ducks.

“It was a fun call and I’m glad it all worked out,” Davis said.