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ALLPCB 2020 Appointment Ceremony Held, Futher Improving Its Talent Team

December 31, 2019 GMT

HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At 8:20am on December 30, 2019, all staff members based in ALLPCB Hangzhou headquarters gathered at the 15th floor of Hangzhou Sundary Business Center to participate in the appointment ceremony of senior executives. These new members have respectively served in well-known enterprises such as Alibaba, Foxconn, Hikvision, etc., thus they own rich work experience as well as advanced management philosophies.

The newly appointed executives are: VP of Finance Center, Manager of Hangzhou SMT Factory, VP of Order Execution Center, VP of Sales Operation Center, Training Director, and General Manager of PCB Factory.

The re-appointed manager team includes Component Supply Chain VP, SMT Supply Chain VP, Design Center VP, Cultural and Human Resources Administration Center VP, PCB Supply Chain VP and COO.

A large number of professional and experienced senior talents become one part of the manager team. This appointment has released three significant signals to all sectors of society:

1. The appointment of two vice presidents of the component supply chain and the PCB supply chain demonstrates ALLPCB’s determination and execution to build a PCB manufacturing super factory.

Mr. Zhou Bangbing, chairman of ALLPCB, emphasized that the essence of the industrial Internet relies on the supply side reform. In this sense, the complete PCB products supply chain is decisive for building the super factory.

Since the launch of the Component Platform in November, the increasing orders are placing higher requirements for the supply chain. The appointment of the VP of the component supply chain indicates ALLPCB’s layout of the next phase is one-stop shopping mall including finished products.

2. What is noteworthy is the setting of the VP position of the order execution center. The core of the super factory lies in “order sharing, collaborative manufacturing”. The extremely fast operation of the super factory depends on the efficient dispatch and execution of orders.

Orders increasing and requirements being more diversified, if the order execution ability cannot improve accordingly, it will become the biggest constraint for the development of ALLPCB. At the same time, the supply chain side and the order side should form a complementary positive cycle, which means that ALLPCB’s strong supply chain needs more and faster orders to support in reverse.

3. Except for the production side, ALLPCB has not slackened in the construction of corporate culture. During the rapid development of enterprises, corporate culture plays an important role in guiding and encouraging.

The VP of the Cultural and Human Resources Administration Center, Ms. Zhang Haihua will focus more on building a healthy and responsible corporate image, building a positive corporate culture as well. Ms. Zhang said that the current most important work of her team is to establish a thorough training and promotion system to help employees progress together with the company.

The ALLPCB senior executive team has called together talents from leading Internet and B2B companies. A excellent team with complex experience in the fields of enterprise management software, B2B e-commerce, procurement supply chain and the Internet has been already formed.

With the vision of “make the industry more efficient, make the life better”, ALLPCB is creating its own era.


ALLPCB is an ultra-fast PCB super factory as well as an internet-based manufacturing company, committed to building an electronic collaborative manufacturing service platform. It offers professional one-stop service, including PCB prototype, PCB assembly, and components sourcing. Since its establishment, ALLPCB has reconstructed the traditional PCB industry through data-driven technology.

For more information, please visit: https://www.allpcb.com/

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