Report: Maine saw a 9.3% decrease in crime in 2018

October 23, 2019 GMT

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Crime in Maine dropped 9.3% last year for the seventh consecutive annual decline, the Maine Department of Public Safety said Wednesday.

The figures released Wednesday show an increase in simple assaults and homicides, along with increase in adult arrests, the agency. But all other categories declined. Those include crimes like domestic assault, robbery and aggravated assault, the agency said.

Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuck thanked first responders for their work. He said that their workload has grown despite reductions in crime.

“While we’ve seen consistent reductions in crime in recent years, I believe the workload of our first responders has actually increased as we continue to staff the front lines of various public health crises,” he said, referring to the opioid crisis.


The total number of adults summoned or cited by police grew 1.3%, for the first time in a decade, while juvenile arrests decreased 6.6%, the agency said.

According to the report, simple assaults grew 4.7% and the number of homicides grew to 23, compared with 21 in 2017. But domestic violence dropped 11.5%, robberies dropped 8.1% and aggravated assaults dropped 8.5%. Rapes were relatively flat, with a decline of 0.2%.

Also showing declines were four property crime categories — burglary (18.4, larceny-theft (8%), motor vehicle thefts (2%) and arson (23.5%).

All told, the 19,773 offenses represent a crime rate of 14 offenses per 1,000 people in Maine. That number compares with the national crime rate of 28 offenses per 1,000 people. The rate of violent crime was 1 per 1,000, compared with the national rate of 4 per 1,000.