Martinez teaching digital arts at Needles High

October 31, 2018 GMT

NEEDLES — Arts, media and entertainment is a new Career Technical Education class at Needles High School that is being taught by Stacey Martinez, a new teacher at NHS.

“Currently I teach creative digital media, web design and development, 3D computer animation and digital film production from the arts, media and entertainment CTE class,” said Martinez.

Martinez is not only new to the school but she is new to the area as well since she relocated to Needles in April.

“The only person I knew in town was my husband (Patrick Martinez, city of Needles development director) and he took me to last year’s high school graduation,” said Martinez. “I was impressed because the whole town came to celebrate and support the graduates. It was a really great thing to see.”

Martinez is a third generation teacher behind her grandma, who taught kindergarten, and her mom, who taught technology for adult education.

“Another reason I wanted to get into teaching is to give back to the community,” said Martinez. “I remember that I would help my mom create lesson plans which introduced me to the education career.”

Martinez has a bachelor’s degree in digital arts and she used to teach high school and middle school students as a teachers’ assistant in England.

“I was born in Beijing and I lived in England then I moved to the United States,” said Martinez. “I attended high school in England, where I took 3D animation, film study, arts, music, performing, digital media, web and game design as my major. So after high school, I knew exactly what program I wanted to go into.”

Martinez began her career as a producer for an entertainment production company. She had her own TV segment in China.

“I produced a segment for Hello! Hollywood in Beijing,” said Martinez. “My segment covered fashion, music, movies, concerts and more. I was able to interview various different Chinese actors such as Jackie Chan and Jet Li but my favorite interview was Donnie Yen.”

“After I left Hello! Hollywood, I worked for an agency that planned major events for BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen and I spent six years in that industry,” continued Martinez.

With her background in digital arts, event planning and being a producer for an entertainment company Martinez is excited to share her experiences with her students.

“This position is not a regular high school class; this is more of a career path to help students pursue this as a career choice or as a degree,” said Martinez. “I really want to help the students in my class to have access to learn something different and it’s a really fun subject to teach.

“What I want for my students to be able to do is to develop their own style,” continued Martinez. “Through this class, the students will be able to build their portfolio, which in this industry it is critical to have.”