Ted’s Woodworking Review – Is Ted McGrath Woodworking Plans Worth it?

May 20, 2020 GMT

Working with wood and coming up with decorative items isn’t an easy task for sure. Most people spend thousands of dollars on a piece of furniture that would one day wear off.

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Well, for all those people who are passionate about crafting wooden items and decorate their homes, here is a fantastic plan. Ted’s Woodworking kit gives you a list of 16,000 products that can be easily made by you. The detailed instructions in the package have helped a lot of people who are fascinated to make their wooden items for their homes.

There are a lot of magazines on wooden items, but most of them do not share the concept of making this wooden furniture from scratch. Also, following instructions that arent complete can also be quite a task. Hence, investing in a kit like this can make your job easier. Also, with several thousands of designs to choose from, the task of completing a wooden project would make you extremely happy.

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Features of Ted’s Woodworking kit

The Ted’s Woodworking Kit comes with almost 16,000 wooden designs that one quickly makes with step-by-step instructions. These easy to make wooden items would not just make you happy, but it is going to help you unleash the creative side of yours as well.

The kit contains a Step-by-instructions manual for building the projects. This would give you the experience of attending classes of woodworks. The instructions are so user-friendly; it makes one feel like they are learning under the guidance of master woodworkers.

The kit also has a list of cutting and materials that go into the making of your project. This list would enable you to pick the right equipment required for the project. Following this list would help you to save a lot of money. Also, when the project is completed, it gives you complete satisfaction as not even a single piece of wood would be thrown away as waste.

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The detailed schematics section explains the instructions one by one without allowing the user to get confused while creating their choice of a wooden item. The instructions are explained in simple sentences, and that avoids unnecessary ambiguity when you start off with the projects. Also, you would certainly feel like you are handheld by one of the experts as you read through this section.

Multiple Views from All Angles is another section that gives you a clear picture of every product that would go into the making of the project. Well, even before you start off with a project, it is essential to understand the dimensions, the build, and the complete view of all the sections through proper planning. Unless and until you know the planning phase, it becomes difficult to start the wooden project. Hence, this part of the kit becomes highly essential when you are creating something.

Beginners and Professionals can make use of this kit effectively as the projects designed in Ted’s Woodworking are made to meet the requirement of both experts and amateur woodworkers. Anyone who is interested in making their own customized piece of furniture can invest in this kit without any apprehensions.

Well, these are the list of things that are available as part of the kit. With all these things made available in the simplest of instructions, dont you think spending so much money on a piece of furniture is a bad idea? Also, with Ted’s Woodworking kit, you would have the luxury to define your own furniture in the most creative manner.

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How can you start off working with the Ted’s Woodworking kit?

The first and foremost step involves understanding the product entirely and then investing in it. There are a lot of features that the package comes with. You need to go through all the things that are part of the kit and choose a project to build. Make sure to select a simple project initially, especially if you are a beginner.

Take time to understand the instructions one by one and then start carving the wood as mentioned in the list of instructions. It might take a few days to or weeks to complete the whole project but, you need to work with patience, and finally, when the product is made, you would undoubtedly be happy with the outcome.

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Price, money-back guarantee and refund policy

The price of the kit is pretty affordable, and one can easily invest in this product. You can get instant access to all the plans and projects at $297. The customers would also get Lifetime FREE Monthly Plans for $39 per month, and this does not include any other hidden charges. One can also choose to purchase the DVD form of the kit that would be sent through the mail.

The other bonus that comes along with the kit are as follows:

DWG CAD Plan Viewer ($47 Value)
150 Premium Woodworking Videos ($77 Value)
How to Start A Woodworking Business ($27 Value)
Complete Woodworking Guides ($39 Value)
Total Value: $487 + $39/m
Get Started For A One Time Fee Of $67.00

The manufacturer of this kit offers 100% money back on the product if the buyer isnt satisfied. All you have to do is email Ted regarding your dissatisfaction within the 60 days from purchase and wait for all your money to be credited back to your account.  Well, you need not have to go through a series of questions to get your money back, and the process is free of hassles.


Well, for all those who enjoy decorating their homes with handcrafted wooden furniture, here is your opportunity. Get Ted’s Woodworking kit and live your dream today. With more than 16,000+ plans on making creative wooden furniture, we are sure that you would fill all the spaces of your homes with the products that you design following these simple instructions.

Also, when the entire kit is available at such a nominal price with multiple options and features, it is wise to get one and start off building some amazing wooden projects.

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