Zadzooks: Ant Man Helmet, Shield Blast Captain America & Captain Marvel Nerf Gear reviews

May 29, 2019 GMT

Heres a look at some toys and action figures devoted to the movie Avengers: Endgame.”

Marvel Legends: Ant Man Helmet ($99.99, requires 3 AA batteries) This adult-sized, full-scale, premium helmet acts as an affordable, screen-accurate, prop replica to display in a home entertainment room as well as the perfect accessory to top off an Ant-Man costume this Halloween.

Mostly silver with red stripes and black ear pieces, the full over-the-head gear with interior adjustable straps and translucent red-eye pieces comes to life by pressing a side button to get either get six blue or red LED lights glowing on the antennae tips and stems.


Although the lighting effects are welcomed, the lack of movie sounds or any voice-changer elements limits its entertainment appeal. Also, a back flap to easily put on the helmet and adjust sizing refused to stay shut while containing my gigantic noggin.

Shield Blast Captain America ($29.99, requires 1 AA battery included, ages 4 years and older) This statuesque version of the Star Spangled Avenger dressed in a Quantum Realm grey-red-and-black outfit stands 13 inches tall and wields his famed shield to launch at enemies.

Owners attach the shield to his outstretched right forearm, twist his torso and let go to send the projectile roughly 5 feet spinning across the room. An accompanying grunt from Cap and sound effects lets owners know that he hit an object with a solid clank.

Also, press the Avengers logo on his upper chest to hear more than a dozen phrases such as “Avengers assemble,” “I don’t like bullies,” “as long as one man stands against you, you’ll never be able to claim victory” and “never underestimate a kid from Brooklyn.”

It’s not movie authentic nor even sounding close to Chris Evans but more sounding like Sandy Becker in the 1966 cartoon series.

The figure has a limited six points of articulation but impresses with not only the shield consistently flying but the fine detail applied to the multicolored plastic in the costume.

Captain Marvel Assembler Gear ($15.99, ages 5 and older) Weaponry from the newest member of the Avengers gives kids the chance to role-play as the famed female Kree warrior with a potent blaster based on Nerf technology.

The maroon-blue-and-gold device, roughly 17-inches long to the tip of the yellow plastic plasma piece spewing from its front, can be built to look like an extended or a double-decker dart launcher.

Owners use its front handle to hold in place (like a cross bow) and pull back a rear handle to a cocked position and place a soft dart (one of two included) in the barrel. She presses a star-shaped button on top of its base to fire the projectile easily more than a 20-foot distance.


Equally tempting, collect all eight pieces of Assembler Gear (with blasters also from Hulk, Ronin, Captain America and Iron Spider to name a few) and assemble another launching device, with more than 100 variations possible, including even one massive weapon using all of the gear that is sure to stop Thanos.

Other than a way to store the easily lost darts on the gear, Captain Marvel’s weapon performed as promised and should keep children entertained.