‘America is worth fighting for’: Lincoln Day dinner draws big crowd

February 25, 2019 GMT

Lake Havasu Men’s Republican Club and London Bridge Republican Women hosted the Lincoln’s Day Dinner at London Bridge Resort Convention Center Saturday evening to raise funds for Donald Trump’s next campaign.

Nearly 150 members of the Republican party met for dinner and an auction before they were treated to a speech by keynote speaker, Jerry Stewart, a nationally syndicated radio producer, speaker, and author. “If Lincoln were here today, what would he say? He would say, ‘Let’s bring America home.’ Each of us here today has a duty, and when we do our duty, there will be opposition. But America is worth fighting for and worth saving,” said Stewart.

Saving America and the Republican party seemed to be the theme of the dinner as Kelli Ward, Chair of the Arizona Republican party, shared a strong message with the audience before hosting the live auction. Ward, who is currently travelling across the state to run the Republican party like a business said, “We are here tonight to unify the Republican party. We don’t want to give the Democrats ammunition against us. We are here to make America great again and make Arizona red!”

As the crowd participated in the auction, master of ceremonies, Sam Scarmardo jokingly shouted at them to open their pockets and dig out their gold. According to LaJuana Gilette, a member of the London Bridge Republican Women Club, it was the participation of the crowd during their last auctions that “led to the victory of Trump in 2016 and will lead to his victory in 2020.”

When the front and center table at next year’s Lincoln’s Day Dinner was auctioned off, Ward teased, “Next year, our guest speaker may be Trump or Trump Junior. Those men know that Mohave County delivered the money and the votes to Trump during the 2016 election.”

She continued, “We have to have the financial resources to win this election. If you didn’t win any of the auction items, feel free to donate on your way out.”

The Lincoln’s Day Dinner is just as much about raising funds for Trump’s next campaign as it is the camaraderie. The crowd and the people who put on the event are proud to be Republicans and even prouder to have been such a huge part in getting Trump elected.