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University of Tennessee Wins Methanol Marathon

May 4, 1989

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The University of Tennessee drove to first place in a 1,100-mile marathon for cars than burn methanol, an alternative to gasoline, sponsors said Thursday.

Participants in the Methanol Marathon, sponsored by General Motors Corp. and the Society of Automotive Engineers, were scored on technical skill in converting a conventional vehicle into a methanol-burner and on performance, such as cold starts, emissions, noise, acceleration and driving.

The Tennessee team scored 764 points. They were followed by Concordia University of Montreal, Canada, at 653 points, and the Rochester, N.Y., Institute of Technology at 643 points.

The Tennessee team averaged 19.9 miles per gallon over the route, which began in Warren, Mich., outside of Detroit and ended in College Park, Md.

Other teams and their scores were:

University of Maryland, 608; Texas Tech University, 586; Wichita State University, 581; West Virginia University, 556; Pennsylvania State University, 542; Florida Institute of Technology, 538; Colorado State University, 531; California State University at Northridge, 492; Washington University at St. Louis, 454; University of Michigan, 425; New York Institute of Technology, 402, and Michigan Technological University, 115.