Rihanna wants time travel

September 8, 2017 GMT

Rihanna wants to go back in time to when she lost her virginity.

The ‘Work’ hitmaker - who is in a relationship with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel and previously dated Drake and Chris Brown - suggested she has regrets about the first time she slept with someone after illusionist David Copperfield offered to use his skills to transport her somewhere.

He said: “I’m not kidding, this is a real offer: I can make you disappear and reappear anywhere in the world. Where do you want to go, and why?”

Rihanna replied: “10 minutes before I lost my virginity...and I’m holding you to that offer. LOL.”

The 29-year-old singer also admitted she is making the most of her assets before she gets older and her body changes.

Asked by Laverne Cox what gave her the courage to wear her iconic CFDA Awards sheer Adam Selman dress in 2014, she said: “Dear Laverne, I took advantage of my t***ies before they go south. I saw my window, and I took it.”

And when it comes to beauty, the ‘Diamonds’ singer’s “secret weapon” is lipstick - even though it has always got her into trouble.

She told America’s ELLE magazine: “Lipstick always got me in trouble. Whether it was at home as a kid, or my early teenage years in my career, I always had the urge to wear it. So I broke all those rules. Now lipstick is like my li’l secret weapon!”

Rihanna loves the shape she gets with a corset, but admitted the restrictive garments are too much for everyday wear.

Asked what the craziest thing she’s done for beauty, she said: ” A corset! I’d do it again, though. I’d wear it every day if I could make it out alive!”

The ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker has been quizzed by a number of her famous friends, including Eminem, Pharrell Williams and Charli XCX to mark her sixth appearance on the cover of the publication.