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Two Cents comments for Feb. 14

February 15, 2018

Why is it always a so-called Canadian Company seeking to mine our gold?

Over the past several decades at least, it’s been sickening to witness ever-increasing partisanship, especially at the national level. Each major party seems more and more intent on working to thwart their opponents, rather than strive for what might be best for the country.

How do the surroundings cities, towns and villages take care of homeless people? If they are directed to Rapid City for many resources, such as food, clothing, shelter and medical assistance then Rapid City could request help from those cities.

How ironic. After complaining about how Hillary Clinton handed classified info, Trump shares classified info with dozens of staffers who do not have the requisite security clearances.

Mayor Allender and Chief Jegeris, you are correct: By denying a warm shelter for people who are actively drinking and are unable to give up their alcohol/drugs you are helping solve the addicted homelessness problem in our community. One poor frozen soul at a time.