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Joe Thomas: What Arizona’s gay education bill actually accomplished

April 16, 2019 GMT

Editor: I’m writing in response to Wayne Lela’s letter to the editor on April 14 stating that Arizona schools are now free to promote homosexuality.

Wayne rambled on that “decent ethical” people should be outraged! It never ceases to amaze me that certain decent ethical people such as Wayne can be so out of touch, dishonest, and boisterous in spreading their misinformation. The facts are nothing like Wayne stated, Legislators did not pass a law allowing schools to promote any type of sexuality. I believe we all agree that “sex talks” are the responsibility of the adolescent’s parents. What this legislation does, is attempt to decrease the amount of teen suicides, by no longer allowing educators to use hateful terminology such as the words that Wayne stated in his letter. Allow me to list a few of Wayne’s own words in describing gay people: Bizarre, Objective disorders, Corrupt, and “ Something went wrong!” These are the words that isolate young gay people from their families and friends, that often push them to kill themselves at statistically high rates. Shame on you Wayne ! People don’t turn gay by learning that there are gay people in the World, living their lives honestly. I often find that people who fear varying groups of people based upon their sexual identity, color of their skin, or religion are truly the ones with something to hide.

“Normal”, confidant, educated people aren’t afraid of people unlike themselves.

Joe Thomas

Lake Havasu City